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Web Hosting Glossary

What are Some Common Terms I Should be Familiar With? Some of the common terms you will come across that you should understand are: Bandwidth –  Bandwidth is the amount of data that can be transferred over the network in a fixed amount of time. On the Net, it is usually expressed in bits per […]

Welcome to Sliplink Network!

Welcome to Sliplink Network, a leading provider of internet services, offering domain name registration, web hosting, website design, and online marketing – all in one place. SLN, Sliplink Network, Register & transfer domains for less. Reliable hosting. … Pre-built website withs shopping cart All credit card processing & billing. We Help Small Businesses Get Noticed […]

SSL – What it is and why you need it

Let customers know their private details are safe. Same security as our competitors for up to 90% less. When you are on a website, you may notice that some web addresses use https:// while others use https:// . The difference seems subtle, but what it really means is that a website on https:// is secure. […]

What Are Your Goals?

What Are Your Goals? The very first question you need to answer has nothing to do with potential web hosts. Before you even Google the term “Web Hosts”, you need to look within first. Sorry if I am getting a little Zen on you, but this really is important. You need to figure out what […]

What Is Web Hosting

A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their own website accessible via the World Wide Web. Web hosts are companies that provide space on a server they own or lease for use by their clients as well as providing Internet connectivity, typically in a […]

Sliplink Network Hosting & Domain Registrations

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