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I am Ready to Choose, Any Red Flags to Look Out For? By now you should have a good idea of what you want and/or need in a web host.

Here is a list of some red flags that you should watch out for…

  • Free hosting – mentioned it before but this is not the type of hosting you want to build your future empire on.
  • Beware of “promotional reviews”. The FTC is trying to put a stop to this, but many web hosting reviews are still nothing more than promotional pieces by affiliates Unlimited is NEVER unlimited.
  • Lack of Support – live support is not required, but you do want some sort of fast response support. Are they a company? This might sound like a joke, but make sure the web host you are dealing with is a registered company in it’s juristrisction New companies – oh your host has only been in business a week?  I’d avoid them.
  • No Privacy Policy – You definitely want a host with a privacy policy. At the very least you want to know exactly what they do and don’t do with your provided information.

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