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All About Malware

Malware Attacks Are Evolving.   All about malware You know how every year the medical community campaigns for everyone to get a flu shot? That’s because flu outbreaks typically have a season—a time of year when they start spreading and infecting people. In contrast, there are no predictable seasonal infections for PCs, smartphones, tablets, and enterprise […]

What is a flipbook?

Digital Flipbooks are currently used to replace conventional digital PDFs and paper-based documents such as reports, presentations, magazines, catalogs, brochures, books and more. A digital flipbook looks and feels exactly like a printed publication with pages that can be flipped and turned – without the cost of printing. Flipbooks offer seamless reading experience. One upload, […]


What is FTP? FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. In a nutshell, FTP is used to transfer computer files. … FTP essentially transfers these web page files to the computer server so others can access them. FTP can also be used to download files or programs from the Internet to your computer. A good program […]

Web Hosting Red Flags

I am Ready to Choose, Any Red Flags to Look Out For? By now you should have a good idea of what you want and/or need in a web host. Here is a list of some red flags that you should watch out for… Free hosting – mentioned it before but this is not the […]

What are the Differences Between Types of Hosting?

What are the Differences Between Types of Hosting? One of the things I had a really hard time dealing with was figuring out what the differences are between the types of web hosting out there. I started searching for web hosts and all of a sudden I realized I needed to do some homework, because […]

Sliplink Network Hosting & Domain Registrations

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